Shopping intelligence meets artificial intelligence

Tech-fueled, data-powered strategies to identify and activate laser-targeted cohorts 
AI-powered algorithms leveraged to create comparative information and deep-dive reviews at massive scale, in minutes, about any product in any category
ML techniques applied to efficiently finetune connections between consumers and products 

The Exon brain

Data Collector
Scanning multiple sources of data to glean actionable insights
Algo Spotlight
Leveraging signals and sentiment to identify scope and coverage
Match Mode
Optimized connections between consumers and products based on cross-funnel behavior
Experience Generator
Automatic fusion of reviews and information from a myriad of sources 

Our online shopping experiences

Catering to consumers worldwide, including the US, Canada,
UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain

Best Choice BG
Best Choice .com
All shopping advice, in one source
icon Side by side 1
Side-by-side comparison tables offer a nuanced feature breakdown
Group 168
Product scores based on insights crowdsourced from a myriad of customer reviews
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Best scored products listed as top picks
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Best Product Reviews BG
Best Product Reviews .com
Product information, rating and customer feedback 
icon buble 1
In-depth product reviews including pros and cons, technical features and customer feedback
rating icon 1
At-a-glance rating displaying a visual breakdown of specific components
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Best Deals USA .com
Price comparison and special deals
tag 1
Compare products by price
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Search products by price
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Find special deals and discounts available today
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